Somnath Temple in Gujarat, India

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Somnath Temple in Gujarat, India


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The 1857 Mutiny (photo courtsey: on the Net is proud to launch an extensive offer of information on Indian History. The purpose of this site is to provide interested readers with well-researched information on the incredibly vast timeline of India.

The site has information on ancient, medival, modern and post-independence India. The information is intended for three groups:

i) Indian readers who wish to intensify their knowledge of own history and roots;

ii) Non-Indian readers who wish to get a first-impression of Indian history;

iii) Readers who wish to know not only the official Indian history, as taught in school/university text books, but also the history as sometimes popular in the folklore. For there are often versions of history that are popular amongst the people of a particular region but not available in official versions owing to lack of sufficient proofs or even to political correctness, e.g. the communist government in West Bengal is reported to have altered text books to delete references to atrocities committed by Muslim invaders so as "to promote communal harmony".

This intention, though noble, can not serve its purpose, for harmony can only be reached when the past is known, discussed and used to take necessary lessons so that past mistakes are not repeated again. The invaders as well as their victims are now dead for a long time so there is no question of any ill-feelings towards their descendants, if any are still around. One of the best known example of taking due lessons from history and progressing ahead is today's Germany. Germany has actively opened the dark capitals of history and forged friendly relations with its erstwhile rivals and victims, based on human values.

In analogy, India must also not be afraid of its history, particularly when it is not even an aggressor but a victim. An objective and fair account of different versions of history should be made possible so that the reader can make up his own opinion and future generations also are aware of the dangers that a nation might face. After all, we can not forget that India suffered not because it was too poor but rather because it was at that time too rich, too sophisticated and too soft. It, thus, attracted the greedy and the cruel from all over the world on account of its being a soft target.

Further Indian kings and princes kept on fighting amongst themselves and enabled the "divide and rule" policy of the Moghuls and later of the then British colonial power.

It is time we learnt lessons, learnt our history and roots so as to look forward to our future.

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